I am one of those people who is insatiably curious about many different things. This curiosity; laced with a profound love of art and craftsmanship, has led me down several different artistic paths. In high school, I was one of the first women to go through the welding program at Burlington Technical High in Vermont because I wanted to be a glass blower after graduating. I knew if I studied welding in school, I could use the knowledge of working with torches, heat, and metal, to later combine with glass. After high school, I apprenticed under two different glass blowers, Church and Maple Glass, being the first.  This led to me to begin working for Frog Hollow Vermont State Craft Center.  While there, I was introduced to the work of renowned jewelry artist Celie Fago and worked with Jennifer Kahn who went on to apprentice under Celie. 

Photo by Jennifer Kahn

The years after Frog Hollow were winding and led me through several different mediums. I took classes in stained glass, drawing, painting, dance, and somehow found myself in Boston earning a BA in literature with minors in creative writing and environmental management through the Harvard Division of Continuing Education. During that time, I would often go to the flower shops in Harvard Square so I could be surrounded by the flowers; their color and vibrance were an instant rejuvenator for this country girl afloat in the big city. Falling completely in love with floral design was not something I saw coming; but one day I marched into Petali Flowers and asked to be hired because, "This is what I want to do with my life." To my surprise, I was hired. Since then, I cannot imagine my life without floral design. My work ranges from high-end classic styles, rustic and simple, sculptural, to avant-garde. I love working with wood, and incorporate it whenever I can. I have built large driftwood sculptures and arbors, used wood in centerpieces, and recently I discovered that I love to carve it.  

While living in Maine, I started my own floral studio specializing in weddings. I was already developing a separate love for photography, but the ephemeral nature of floral design required that I become good at documenting my work. I now professionally photograph weddings, boudoir, jewelry, and whatever else comes along, and I love that these two mediums have become such a large part of my life and work well together.  

In 2013, I moved back to Vermont and reconnected with Jennifer Kahn. She introduced me to Celie Fago, whom she had apprenticed under for nine years. Celie took me on as an apprentice and I am also interned under Jennifer. Building on 16 years of beading and wire jewelry experience, I am excited to finally be expanding into creating unique silver, gold, bronze, and copper jewelry. I find it fascinating that the first medium I began working with was metal, and here I am, working with metal again!

I have started my floral studio back up here in Vermont, and I am excited to be working with our vibrant community of local farmers. As much as possible, I will strive to source flowers locally.  I have built relationships that provide the opportunity to grow specific flowers for weddings. You want dahlias? We will grow them! This keeps everyone's costs down and helps support the local economy.   

As often as possible, I use recycled materials such as to-go containers, plastic produce containers, glass bottles and jars; visually, this is our little secret, you would never know that these materials are recycled!  This also helps to keep costs more reasonable without sacrificing the aesthetic

I love the extra challenge weddings present, and now have 8 years of experience. In both photography and floral design, working closely with clients to bring their dream wedding to life is my favorite part of the job. Every client possesses a unique vision, story, and setting; it's exciting and engaging to bring it all to fruition. For me, it's an honor to be able to contribute to such a special moment in people's lives, it is never just a job for me. I devote extra time and care into trying to understand my client's tastes, desires, and aesthetic goals.