Boudoir photography is an amazing way to feel empowered and beautiful while immortalizing this moment in time. Boudoir can be a wonderful gift for your partner, but it is also an incredible gift to yourself. Every client I've ever worked with is always astonished by how beautiful they look in their photos, and the result is empowerment. 

I love how boudoir allows my clients feel comfortable in their own bodies. I believe that being a woman helps me to understand the way women want to see themselves and the range of our sensitivities. I use minimal editing techniques and prefer to photograph you in your home, because I like to tell your story; if you love it, I want to include it.  If you are not comfortable doing it in your own space, I also have other options for shooting locations, like my studio, or outdoor locations. Combined sessions with your friends, Bachelorette or Girl's Night Out parties are also available.  

One of the elements that my make boudoir photography unique is you have the option to add one-of-a-kind live botanical accessories can be designed just for your shoot.  

Please contact me with questions and to book a boudoir photoshoot! All images in this gallery are selected with discretion and consideration for my client's comfort level. Nothing is shared without permission.